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15 essential tips For A Fashion eCommerce website

fashion ecommerce tips

15 essential tips For A Fashion eCommerce website

There are several fashion brands in market there, but how do you make yourself stand out from the crowd? That is the real challenge

There are key considerations that apply to any e-commerce venture, of course, but when it comes to making money on fashion products there are fifteen most essential things to include in your website:

High speed well maintained eCommerce portal

For establishing your online selling identity, it is necessary to have an eCommerce website. It should be timely maintained. It should be high speed for good customer experience and smooth buying experience

Mobile Apps for better reach

Mobile is the most used device now a days. Essentially every person searches their needs on mobile apps. After searching for regular portals, it’s a customer habit to search for actual brand website for product availability. Android and iOS apps are necessity to reach to maximum customer reach

Good Attractive Appealing Photos

Good Photos/ visuals are necessary for selling any product or service online, but they are particularly important for fashion and clothing websites. That’s because buyers want to get a sense of the way they will look after your products arrive. Custom photography can come at an extra cost but might offer big value if it leads to more purchases and fewer returns.

Demonstrating Fashion Videos

Sometimes, giving a good customer experience , having every product video to illustrate the product, is suggested. It can cost at the time of eCommerce establishment, But gives high returns for longer period of time

A Great Internal Search Tool

There are a lot of different ways to sort clothing and accessories, whether it’s online or in a brick-and-mortar retail store. However, having what buyers want isn’t enough – customers may leave if they can’t find their preferred style, color, or size quickly enough. That’s why a great internal search engine that helps them locate what they want within your fashion e-commerce site could make a big difference in your sales figures.

An efficient Filter Tool

People prefer to check their needs in required sizes, colours, cloth material, print, style and most importantly price. A good filter helps customer to choose what they are looking for very easily.

Trusted Payment Gateway

Online Payment is most essential part of eCommerce, for buyers and for Brand too. It makes the life easy and more trusted for both. Good and smooth working payment gateway gives a real trust for buyers that they are doing safe transactions

Up-to-date Order Tracking

After placing an order, customers eagerly wait for their product’s arrival, they follow their dates of product delivery, so that they remain available for receiving it. It is necessary to keep them posted with order’s status in order tracking system.

Well informed Out-of-Stock and Wishlist

Many customers look for customised products of their choice, when they don’t get it, they prefer to keep it in Wishlist. The system should inform them, when the product arrives again in stock to give another good customer experience

Well-formed Return Policy

Sometimes, what customers receive is not what they ordered for, it can be size/ color/ material any kind of change. They prefer to return the product. If we don’t provide them easy return, they don’t prefer the next purchase from us. A well-formed return policy should have win-win, so that customer should not cheat us on return and we should be able to give them trouble-free shopping experience

Well maintained and trusted delivery service

With growing number of eCommerces and marketplaces, there are number of delivery services. But sometimes, customer receives different product or no product, getting delayed delivery or early delivery than given date. This causes bad reviews. Now a days, due to Covid-19 the deliveries are also expected to be safe.

More 5 star reviews from Real Customers

Unfortunately, most of us have had the experience of buying something online and regretting it later. Through that process, we learn that we can’t always trust things like product descriptions. What we do put more faith in, though, are the real-life reviews from other customers who are similar to us. By posting buyer feedback on your fashion brand website, and encouraging reviews, you generate more content for your pages and make it easier for customers to feel confident in their purchases.

Festive Offers and Discounts

Marketplaces are popular because of offers and huge discounts. It is suggested that during festive season, on holidays, raise offers, discounts, coupons, which helps to tap new customers and also for retageting existing customers

Targeted Search and Social Advertising

Every online store needs customers, and Google remains the most popular portal for attracting buyers to your website. Still, social media platforms can be just as important to fashion retailers, since it’s so easy to share photos, reviews, and online coupons. Search and social advertising could be just what you need to jump-start the marketing process quickly and affordably.

Buyer Safety Guarantees

Speaking of confidence, it can be a bit unnerving to enter your credit card number on to an unknown website for the first time. A good way to calm your customers’ minds and worries are to offer money-back guarantees. You could also show off your membership to the Better Business Bureau, and let them know you’ve invested in high-quality encryption and secure merchant accounts. When buyers know they are safe doing business with you, it’s one less reason for them to abandon a purchase.